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From Monday 5th of Dec to Tues 13 of Dec 2022 

LinkedIn Global Influencer Summit

A series of 24 interviews with internationally respected LinkedIn influencers,
sharing their
 secrets of how they built their following and achieved their results on LinkedIn.

Discover How to

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Grow Your
LinkedIn Followers.

Have you ever wondered how influencers get 30,000 - 100,000 followers and even more? 

Learn the secrets to their ongoing and continuing growth.  

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Increase Engagement
on Your Content.

Influencers get a lot of engagement on their posts, discover what they do to increase interest and interaction on their content.

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Convert Connections & Followers into Sales. 

There is a right way and a wrong way to use LinkedIn to increase your sales. Learn what works from the experts who have been using LinkedIn to increase their sales.

Each day for 8 days, you can access
3 X Influencer interview videos FREE for 24 hours ONLY,
the next day 3 more Interviews will be posted,
replacing the videos from the previous day.

Get Full Access
to all 24 Interviews with Top LinkedIn Influencers for 1 year

for Just $99

Access all 24 LinkedIn Influencer Interviews Support a Good Cause!

100% of the proceeds will be donated to the favorite charities nominated by the LinkedIn Influencers.

Just some of the 24 Interviews

About Ira Bowman - 200,000 Followers


Entrepreneur, Social Media Influencer, Organic SEO and Website Traffic, Content Creator, Photographer, Website Development, Video Production, TEDx Speaker, Founder of ProjectHelpYouGrow.


Since June of 2020, with the launch of Ira’s business, Bowman Digital Media, Ira has focused on helping increase visibility for his clients on social media and increasing website traffic.


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Enjoy Ira's latest content here

About Rachel Mitchell - 953,000 Followers


Executive Producer | Advisor 🌎 900,000+ Followers | Executive Strategic Development for one of the FASTEST GROWING Co. in America in “Inc. Magazine” 1717% growth in one year 📈& B2B Influencer Expert connecting people.


Rachel helps people create their own online content, and/ or TV shows/ streaming series. She supports TV shows and documentaries where we select innovative companies to be featured globally ‼️ Rachel has launched 3 national TV series and acquired sponsorship for 33+ episodes over the past 5 years.

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About Dr. Elizabeth Lindsey - 68,000 Followers


National Geographic Explorer, Global Thought Leader, UN Visionary Award Recipient, Former Miss Hawai'i, TED Speaker.


Throughout the world, cultural wisdom and knowledge are vanishing. It has been a lifelong dream to protect these irreplaceable treasures.

Thanks to LinkedIn, I've met leading technologists in digital twin simulation, semantic intelligence, geo-spatial mapping, and designing immersive experiences. Together, we're creating a platform that will protect and perpetuate cultural knowledge globally. 

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Charities Proudly Supported

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Derick is a LinkedIn Coach, Trainer and founder of the LinkedIn B2B Agency Results Formula, he is also the creator of the online LinkedIn for marketing your business course titled 'Linked Into More Business'.


Twice per year he publishes


My List of 180+ Influencers & Top Voices of LinkedIn


My List of 230 + Rising Stars

& Upcoming Influencers of LinkedIn to Watch 

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