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Interview with Devina Kaur

About Devina Kaur


Radio Host & Producer | Non Profit: SEXY BRILLIANT™️ Foundation | Top25 Immigrant Award 🇨🇦 | Teacher via K.A.U.R.™️ Method | Author: Too Fat Too Loud Too Ambitious


The Sexy Brilliant non profit mission is to create more love in the world with the RADICAL idea that we can accept ourselves just as we are.

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Interview with Tony Taylor

About Tony Taylor


Tony describes his purpose as to inspire his audiences. he uses a very unique communication style to help you reach your full potential.


His speaking style is raw, genuine, thought-provoking, and empowering. Covering leadership, teamwork, culture, environment, attitude, perspective, defining, and embracing the process.

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2 Mystery Guests


Interview with Jerin Hossain

About Jerin Hossain


Apparel & Fashion | Retail | Textile |International Business Woman


An accomplished sourcing and merchandising professional with diverse experience in areas such as acting liaison between retailer and factory, product development and production streamlining for international retailers. Expert in assessing production needs and developing strategic business plans to troubleshooting future manufacturing complications.

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Interview with Joy McAdams

About Joy McAdams


Because we are better TOGETHER.... I connect... It's what I do...It's as simple as making friends, being genuine, and promoting a service I believe in. Media is my background so I love promotion through media outlets.


n addition I’m a firm believer that movement changes the mind and unlocks your full potential
I love to swim-bike-run and IRONMAN races are my newly found passion.

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